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  • - $500 / 1 Year
    Select if you or your company is a regional or national supplier, manufacturer, dealer, or resource centre
    - $200 / 1 Year
    Open to all RCIDP decor professionals
    - $100 / 1 Year
    Open to all current students of accredited schools enrolled in a decor, design or visual arts program.
    - $100 / 2 Years
    Open to all students who graduated from Decorating, Design & Visual Arts programs from accredited and recognized school of study are eligible for a one time IDRC 75% discounted membership fee - $100/ 2 years from the date listed on Graduation Diploma or Certificate and be referred as “Registered Certified Interior Décor Professional, RCIDP”
    - Free / 1 Year
    Through Scholarships offered to qualified schools with Interior Decorating, Design & Visual Arts programs IDRC is proud to be associated with leading industry Educators. These active industry educator professionals of accredited schools of study are provided with IDRC Free Annual renewal membership opportunity and shall be identified as IDRC Educator Member.
    - Free / 1 Year
    Each IDRC E-Learning enrolment will qualify towards free annual IDRC membership

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Make cheques payable (including your applicable taxes) to the Interior Decor Resources Canada and send to:

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