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Interior Design and Decorating

This program consists of 12 extensive training modules which covers the full range of the interior design spectrum, from theory to the technical and practical application of interior design and teaching corporate skills to help students start an interior design firm. Online learning has never been more efficient with our techniques in course delivery and communication while also offering a high level of education to provide to our student body. Upon completion of the 12 modules, students shall then obtain our international diploma, recognized by the world’s leading interior design associations issued by IDRC, Interior Décor Resources Canada with PDI, Professional Design Institute.

The entire program may be finished from 13 weeks to a maximum of 18 months and the main areas covered are:
  • Interior Design Theory and History
  • Fundamentals of Design
  • Interior Lighting
  • Planning and Layout
  • Color and Materials for an Interior Environment
  • Furniture, Fixture and Equipment
  • Fabrics and Textiles
  • Visual Communication and Design Presentation
  • Business Start-up and Design Portfolio

Online Centre Learning Navigation

A Student logs in to access the Online Learning Center with the log-in credentials provided upon enrolment. The first study module is automatically released. A passing grade for each module assignment provides a training certificate as proof of training completion.
The Progress Tracker gives a quick and easy insight of student’s maturity as they progress through each module. The Full Diploma program is accomplished in a maximum of 18 months of student’s own timetable.
Upon completion, student shall receive a graphic report along with a recognized Interior Design Diploma, that easily indicates their strength and skills to further improve abilities even after finishing the program. The Progress Tracker may be accessed through the online Student Hub.
The Student Hub is the heart of communication between students and educators alike. The hub also gives students a platform to introduce themselves via own profile page, integrated in the same centre.

Please note for payment you will be taken from IDRC platform and contacted by our program provider to create your ID after you sign up. If you do not receive any correspondence within 24 hours, please contact IDRC at 

Course Content

Upon confirmation of participation, students are given a welcome package containing:

  • General information on how to navigate their chosen program
  • Brief introduction to the student’s online mentor.

Students will also receive:

  • 4-12 fully comprehensive interior design learning modules prepared by internationally qualified interior designers and architects
  • 4-12 academic assignments with every module
  • Personal mentorship from highly qualified interior design tutors
  • Professional insight on the student’s development
  • A complete collection of design projects to serve as their initial portfolio, starting from module 5
  • Complimentary IDRC student membership

Upon successful completion of 8-12 training modules, students will receive an international diploma, recognized by world-leading academic and interior design associations.

Student’s incentives:

  • Submit articles to be posted in Professional Design Institute and Interior Decor Resources Canada websites.
  •  IDRC’s Industry E-newsletter announcement for all Graduating Students
  • All Graduates of Intermediate and Comprehensive programs are eligible for IDRC membership fees reduced to $100 for 2 years entitling them to many benefits associated within IDRC.
  • Complete an application to Certified Interior Decorators International as a full Professional member with all the rights and benefits of being a “Certified Interior Decorator.”
  • IDRC Membership Certificate upon joining
  • Use of IDRC logo prestige identification
  • Exclusive IDRC Member Opportunity for Internships, Co-ops and Employment in North America
  • Complimentary product & service announcements through IDRC newsletter Décor Digest
  • CREATIVE LEARNING at it’s core, the program aims to ignite students’ imagination through hands-on projects
  • COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING Including conceptual design, space planning, technical knowledge, and developing a design portfolio
  • FLEXIBLE PROGRAM AND PRICING This Diploma program is self-paced and can be completed over a period of up to 18 months. 
  • Pay in Full and receive additional 5% discount with IDRC code* ( Full and Fast-Track Diploma programs only)
  • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION On successful completion of the program, students will receive an internationally accredited diploma that is recognized by prestigious educational partners that are internationally respected                                                                                     
  • REAL WORLD APPLICATION Industry experts offer first-hand experience in business development and strategic planning, to start your new career


The following esteemed organizations recognise our diploma, granting our students national and international recognition. Please click the logos to learn more: