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The Interior Decor of Excellence Award (I.D.E.A.®) is open and awarded to Industry Decor Professionals actively engaged in the INTERIOR DECOR DESIGN INDUSTRY who wish to feature their project. All entries must provide the business name and person(s) who was/were responsible for the project submitted.

IDEA® is Canada’s Decor Design Award focusing on interior decorating and design projects regardless of size, budget and/or length and date of execution. Submissions are welcome from all categories of Decor Trade Professionals including Industry students. The room set image may be of any space interior and/or exterior. All submissions become the property of IDRC for publicity use with waiver rights. Previously copyrighted images cannot be accepted. 

ALL ENTRIES must be digital and received by email to with up to 5 (3000 dpi or good quality) coloured photographs along with a written outline, the neighbourhood and city of the project along with any “brand names” of decor products used. 

PRIZES OF RECOGNITION will be awarded to the BEST ENTRIES as determined by an IDRC Steering committe and/or IDRC Board of Directors, with due awareness of budget, challenge, practicability and aesthetics, not necessarily in that order. Entries not meeting  this basic criteria may be disqualified at the option of the judges.

PRIZE CATEGORIES shall be recognised by a special IDRC PLAQUE presented and distributed to industry trade publications in Canada via a press release I.D.E.A. award winners Press Release will be sent to Trade and Shelter media as well as announced and shown within our e-magazine DecorDigest, IDRC’s newsletter publication of news and information, which after 400+ issues is now recognized as a significant advertising and quality publication for the Interior Decorating Industry.

APPLICATIONS must be submitted by midnight November 30th annually. 

WAIVER RIGHTS IDRC reserves the right to refuse entry to any application that does not meet criteria and guidelines.

I.D.E.A.® Winners are selected and announced in Decor Digest, and social media platforms.

There’s nothing like having your peers looking up to your achievements and I.D.E.A. does this for your profile, publicity and c.v.’s of the future.

We look forward to receiving your submission –  Good Luck!

Past I.D.E.A Award Winners and Submissions

To view more photos and read more about our past I.D.E.A. Award Winners and submissions please visit our past issues of DecorDigest.