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Coming Soon! Qi Management and Essential Oils


In addition to what you learned in level one Fundamentals, and level three Intro to Flying Stars, this add on will give you ideas for effective remedies to help balance Qi cycles in your home or office.  Learn which oils work best with each phase and the best way to administer.  Learn how to read oils.

Program includes a knowledge pack introduction into a starter kit of essential oils that you can use in Qi planning and balancing.  Learn how to pick oils to improve sleeping, motivation, and/or learning, and many other regular life skills. Learn how to buy oils and safely store them.  Get an introduction into Chinese Medicine and how to use oils to improve health.  This class will include several recorded case studies.  You are also welcome to bring personal projects to discuss and plan in class.

Course requirements: You must have successfully completed both Level One and Level Three to enrol in the Qi Management and Essential Oils course

Refund Policy: No refunds will be issued once the course link has been administered and sent out

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