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Member Benefits

Welcome to the members only section. Access all of your member benefits in one spot.

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Members only benefits

DecorDigest Subscription

We'll sign you up for our weekly e-newsletter full of industry announcements, events and information

IDRC Member Directory

We'll list you and your business to connect you to other members and prospective clients

Ask a Decorator Program

You can consult clients on their next design or decor project by participating in our exclusive Ask a Decorator program

Insurance Discounts

Get access to exclusive medical and dental coverage along with commercial business insurance perks

Download our Logo

Download our logo to add your IDRC credentials to your personal or business website and social media platforms

Shipping Discounts

Save up to 65% on your shipments with Canpar and get access to cost savings for samples distribution

Reduced Shipping Rates

Insurance Coverage

Medical and Dental Coverage

Shipments moving by IDRC/CANPAR enjoy savings of up to 65% from their standard rates.

Check with IDRC logistics to learn how you can save with the unique CONSOLIDATION of your East and West Coast shipments when combined with localised LOW CANPAR rates. As IDRC/CANPAR shipper we also offer you another unique pricing program for samples distribution.

For more information on these programs contact: Or call 1-888-494-0401.

To learn more about individual or business coverage with Sunlife, please visit their website.

To learn more about medical and dental coverage for small business owners, please visit their website.

These are the highlights of IDRC Membership Benefit program:

  • SAMPLE SHIPMENT  Concessions. Sending samples across Canada, like fabric swatches, paint chip albums, wallpaper books or advertising literature will save even more that our lowest courier rates!
  • TRADE & CONSUMER SHOWS – varying special opportunities exist 
  • TRADE EDUCATION – exclusive Online Certification Courses, Webinars and CEU Seminars 
  • TAX BENEFIT  our online courses are tax free and expense deductable
  • Complimentary IDRC membership for enrolled online students 
  • COMMERCIAL INSURANCE Business Liability 
  • Exclusive Member Opportunities for Internships, Co-ops and Employment
  • NEWSLETTER  Complimentary product & service announcements through IDRC  DecorDigest 
  • All IDRC Membership categories have a Vote Annually at AGM